Deepex: The new spearfishing and freediving exhibition



Deepex is rapidly becoming a world renowned, strictly spearfishing & freediving expo/event, including a lot of seminars, workshops and other activities. It is a three day event with interactive participation of visitors and exhibitors; an expo, product sales, seminars by top speakers and experts, workshops, U/W videos and photography contest combo.

The event will take place during 20-22 March 2015 in the Peace & Friendship Stadium (S.E.F.) Pireas, Greece. 

Reaching out visitors under the austere spirit of the season, is one of the event purposes, therefore, the cost of entry is 5 euros per day only. Under the same spirit, the exhibitors are encouraged by the organization to sell in low prices and also make expo offers, making the event the perfect chance for the visitors' seasonal purchases.

Deepex 2015 will have a strong international character. Quite few exhibitors, speakers and visitors from Europe, Middle East, US and Australia have already registered and much more are expected.

Massive Media campaign along with entertaining, informing and bazzar activities are expected to attract a big international freediving and spearfishing crowd, turning Deepex into the perfect international freediving and spearfishing meeting point.
Be there!


Daily Entrance Fee: 5 euros (attending seminars, events & workshops included)


3-Day Entrance Offer: 10 euros


Looking forward to meeting you!

The Deepex Team.